Friends & Lovers


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Days away from another concert & I cannot wait! I will be purchasing another copy of Friends & Lovers for my rental car when I land in DC!! Great album!

Marsha, I absolutely love your latest album 'Friends & Lovers'. I've been a fan of your music for years and hope you'll be performing in DC soon. I've only seen you perform as a part of Floetry and am excited to see your solo performance! #youaremyfaveartist #yourmusicisthecatalogofmylife

I love the whole album and I love you Marsha!

Just got the deluxe edition from Target with the bonus tracks, I"M HOOKED!!
Love the entire thing, the last track, "Honey Pot" is probably my favorite.
Go, Marsha, GO!!!!

wow.. I'm excited to hear the songs in the album..thanks for sharing.. buy soundcloud likes

I am SO ready for this album!!